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Jeep Cherokee Cat Back Exhaust Parts & System

When to Replace Your Jeep Cherokee Exhaust System: Knowing When to Trade out the Cat Back Exhaust and Other Exhaust Parts

The Jeep Cherokee is a renowned, well-built vehicle that can last many years if it is well cared for and consistently maintained. Indeed, these American-built machines have been known to continue running well past the 200,000-mile mark (about 322,000 kilometres). Of course, to get that kind of lifespan out of your Cherokee, you will have to trade out multiple parts and components along the way, including the brakes, the transmission and the exhaust system.

If your Cherokee is nearing the point where an exhaust system update or replacement will be necessary, BEST EXHAUST can help. We sell a range of Jeep Cherokee exhaust parts—including Jeep Cherokee cat back exhausts and long tube headers. Count on us for your Jeep Cherokee exhaust needs. We also stock exhaust parts that are suitable for the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Signs That You Need to Replace Your Jeep Cherokee Exhaust

The signs that indicate a need for a replacement Jeep Cherokee exhaust system are more or less the same as the signs you would watch for in any other type of vehicle. If you have noticed a steady decline in the fuel economy of your Cherokee, then the exhaust could be to blame. The job of an exhaust system is to carry the fumes away from your engine as the engine burns gasoline. The faster and more efficiently an exhaust system can accomplish this task, the cooler the engine stays. A cooler engine operates more smoothly, with greater fuel efficiency. If the engine heat metre on your Jeep is reading at an especially high level, that may also be a sign of a failing exhaust system.

As your Jeep Cherokee cat back exhaust starts to fail, what is essentially happening is that the system is starting to rust and corrode from age and use. If you look underneath the vehicle, you will be able to observe visual signs of this corrosion. Even if you don't take a look, you can typically hear the evidence from your Jeep's cabin while you are driving. Corrosion and rust weaken the exhaust system, leading to cracks and gaps in the exhaust. These leaks lead to loud rumblings and other increases in engine noise. In some cases, drivers mistake these sounds for problems with the muffler—another component of the exhaust system. In any case, an unusually loud engine is an issue that you should have looked at as soon as possible.

Find the Jeep Cherokee Exhaust Parts You Need to Repair Your Vehicle

Just because your Jeep Cherokee exhaust system is corroding and breaking apart doesn't mean that your vehicle doesn't still have years of good life left in it. With high-quality Jeep Cherokee exhaust parts, you can replace your exhaust system with one that is good as new. This repair will cut down on engine noise and improve your fuel efficiency. (Sometimes, leaking exhausts can vent harmful fumes up into a vehicle's cabin.)

To find the Jeep Cherokee cat back exhaust parts you need to repair your vehicle, call 1800 985 925 to talk to our expert team about the best suited products.