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Cold Air Intake System VW MK7 | Golf GTI | Golf R | Audi A3 | S3

Although most vehicles on the Volkswagen MQB platform offer a great driving experience, they’re not perfect. More specifically, some of the vehicles on the MQB platform which use the 1.8/2.0 TSFI engine can feel lacking in power. Luckily, the t[..]

PART NO: 1VER13656001

Audi RS4 B9 front pipes kit

Front silencer replacement pipe made of stainless steel V2A 2 x 76 mm dia going to 2 x 65 mm dia *** Note: Without street approval [..]

PART NO: 1KER13656001

Audi RS4 B9 downpipes without cats

Cat substitute pipe made of stainless steel V2A 2 x 90 mm drm transitioning to 2 x 76 mm drm *** Note: Motoronican adaption required without street approval [..]

PART NO: 1HRK13656001

Audi RS4 B9 downpipes with cats 200 CPSI

Downpipe made of stainless steel V2A incl. Sports catalytic converters 2 x 90 mm drm, changing to 2 x 76 mm drm 2 x 200 cpi sports catalytic converter *** Note: without street legal admission engine electronics required [..]

PART NO: 777533_777563

Audi S4 B9 centre pipe and y-pipe for OEM mufflers

100% Stainless Steel, oversize 80mm Includes:- Centre Pipe- Central Y-Pipe that connects to OEM mufflers  [..]