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Suitable for Porsche / Macan / 995.2 2019-2024 / S 2019-2020 3.0L V6 354hp

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  Suitable for Porsche / Macan / 995.2 2019-2024 / S 2019-2020 3.0L V6 354hp

Porsche 95B.1 95B.2 Macan GTS / S 2.9 V6 Exhaust System

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday, 04 June, 2024.

Cargraphic Porsche 95B.1 95B.2 Macan GTS / S 2.9 V6 Exhaust System

Part Number: CARP952V6GTSSYS1E

CARGRAPHIC Sport Exhaust System - cat-back with integrated electronic exhaust valves, to be used with factory valve actuator

Consisting of:

  • CARGRAPHIC X-Pipe centre silencer replacement pipe, 2-flut with merged exhaust gas flow
  • CARGRAPHIC Sport rear silencer set with integrated electronic exhaust valves*
  • CARGRAPHIC adapter set for original GTS- / Turbo- and Porsche Sport tailpipes (Macan S models with Porsche Sport Exhaust)**
  • Fitting kit

* To be used with factory valve actuators - Precondition: 2 electronic SBS valve actuators factory fitted - original part no. 9A7 133 246 06. Accordingly, onboard valve control can still be used.
Please contact us if you are not sure how many and which actuator type is fitted to your vehicle.

**Optionally availableCARGRAPHIC sport tailpipes in various finishes

SOUND / SUPER SOUND - switchable dual mode:

Valves closed
: Quieter tuned enhanced sporty SOUND note, practical pleasant cruising mode.

Valves open
: Aggressive amplified enhanced SUPER SOUND note, sharper, crisper and volume increasing freer flowing mode - also accompanied with burbling and backfire with every application of the accelerator pedal.

NO DRONE OR RESONATION even with further CARGRAPHIC exhaust components

Fits for:

  • Porsche 95B.2 Macan S 3,0l V6 Turbo (2018 - 2021) with Porsche Sport Exhaust (PSE)
  • Porsche 95B.2 Macan GTS 2,9l V6 Bi-Turbo (2018 - 2021)
  • Porsche 95B.3 Macan S 2,9l V6 Bi-Turbo (from 2021) with Porsche Sport Exhaust (PSE)
  • Porsche 95B.3 Macan GTS 2,9l V6 Bi-Turbo (from 2021)


  • Perfectly matched exhaust components
  • Absorptive silencer design with CNC mandrel-bent pipework
  • Integrated electronic exhaust valves
  • Retain factory valve actuators
  • Onboard valve control (tailpipe button, SPORT and SPORT+ switch remains active
  • Fully made from SS304L lightweight stainless steel
  • High performance components, dyno tested
  • Olive- and slide connections enables easy installation and perfect adjustment
  • Aeroquip fittings allow heat expansion without cracking
  • Reinforced laser-cut brackets
  • Exhaust valve specification as used by OE / factory manufacturers
  • Reduced backpressure due to freer flowing
  • Reduced operating temperature
  • Maximized performance
  • Improved throttle response, freer revving
  • Improved enhanced acoustics with no drone, resonation or vibration
  • Improved low level tone with sharper, crisper and volume increasing sound with revs
  • Model specific tuned sound still in keeping with the Marque
  • Weight reduction

PERFORMANCE - Made in Germany
up to 11KW(15PS) more Power and 17Nm additional torque

For full control of the exhaust valves, the optionally available CARGRAPHIC valve control unit can be used, which, in addition to the factory control, offers the following functions:

Sport Mode - Valves are always open
Comfort Mode -
 Valves are always closed
Automatic Mode -
 OEM valve control is active

CARGRAPHIC SS304L lightweight stainless steel tailpipe trims
 are optionally available in the following finishes:

  • Stainless steel mirror polished
  • Matt-Black Thermopaint
  • Gloss-Black enamelled
  • Visual-Carbon Matt-Finish with stainless steel liner
  • Visual-Carbon Gloss-Finish with stainless steel liner
  • Visual-Carbon Gloss-Finish with perforated insert
  • OEM Turbo-Look Silver
  • OEM Turbo-Look Matt-Black Thermopaint

$9,725.83 Aud

* All prices include delivery

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