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Suitable for Lamborghini / Gallardo / Original LP500 LP520 (2003-2008)

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  Suitable for Lamborghini / Gallardo / Original LP500 LP520 (2003-2008)

Tubi Style
Lamborghini Gallardo Spider/SE Exhaust (2006-2008)

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday, 24 January, 2012.

Tubi Style Lamborghini Gallardo Spider/SE Exhaust (2006-2008)

Part Number: TSLAGALS06.000.A

Every once in a while auto manufacturers make an attempt to please their enthusiast customers, but usually it doesn’t work. In 2006 Lamborghini boasted that the Gallardo now had a “sportier” exhaust based on the limited edition SE model. We’re not exactly sure what “sportier” is supposed to mean, but what we do know is that even with it’s vacuum actuated flappers, the Gallardo’s factory exhaust still didn’t match the character of the car. Tubi Style engineered the sound of their Gallardo muffler to do exactly that. Removing the enormous flapper-equipped factory muffler and installing the Tubi Style muffler results in a much more aggressive exhaust note that truly suits the monstrous V10. Because Tubi doesn’t just make exhausts “loud” (they actually engineer the sound), even the popular Spyder model can benefit from the Tubi muffler, without compromising any of the open-air drivability the Spyder is so popular for. The Tubi Style muffler also saves a ton of weight from the rear of the car, which any real sports car can always benefit from.

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