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Suitable for Audi Sport / S1

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  Suitable for Audi Sport / S1


Supersprint Audi S1 Sportback full system quad round tips 90mm loud

Part Number: 773911_774032_774013_774004_771726

100% stainless steel "TWIN PIPE DESIGN" system, Oversize 1 x Ø80mm –› 2 x Ø54mm –› 1 x Ø76mm

The "Twin Pipe Design" has been designed to get the best of the performance without sacrificing pollutant emissions reduction.
The S1 frame doesn't allow to fit a sports cat under the car, in the transmission tunnel, in the proper size for the reachable output (130mm or more), so the solution we found is to split the exhaust line into two and use two high flow HJS metallic cats, smaller but with a total cross section adequate to an output of 300 hp or more, even adapt to upgrated turbo applications (S3 8V turbo for example), without gas flow restrictions.
A collateral advantage of the twin pipes is that they cause less resonance and drone compared to a single pipe of equivalent section (76mm).
Because of the structural differences of this system compared to the OEM ones, it must be fitted as a kit from turbo to tips.
We recommend the centre silencers for an optimal comfort onboard.

$8,333.97 Aud

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