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Suitable for Audi Sport / S1

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  Suitable for Audi Sport / S1


Supersprint Audi S1 Sportback catback with quad oval tips 100x75 loud

Part Number: 773913_773904_771727

100% Stainless steel system Oversize Ø70mm

The single pipe system is similar to the OEM exhaust, but with larger bore components and higher quality of built and materials.
It's composed by:
-Turbo downpipe with integrated HJS high flow cat or cat-less. The catted version is recommend for up to 280-290hp. For higher output we recommend the pipe-only version (see also the twin pipe system)
ECU tuning is recommend with the cat-less DP or the 100 CPSI catalytic converter to avoid the Check Engine Light.
-Front section, with or without resonator. The un-silenced version is recommend to be fitted with the catted downpipe, the silenced version with the cat-less downpipe to get a more refined sound, especially for people who doesn't want a noticeable sound increase.
-Centre section, with or without resonator. The un-silenced version is recommended for the catback (centre+back) setup. The silenced version for the full system, especially for the cat-less DP and un-silenced front pipe.
-Rear muffler, free flow design without chambers. No valves, for a sportier, deeper and rounder sound at all revs.
-Tailpipes: we recommend the ovals 100x75, which fill the arches nicely, basically an upgraded version of the stock items.

$3,947.67 Aud

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