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Suitable for Porsche / 911 Carrera / 991.1 (2012-2015)

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  Suitable for Porsche / 911 Carrera / 991.1 (2012-2015)

Porsche 991 DFI Carrera S 3.8L PlenumPorsche 991 DFI Carrera S 3.8L PlenumPorsche 991 DFI Carrera S 3.8L PlenumPorsche 991 DFI Carrera S 3.8L Plenum

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday, 06 August, 2020.

IPD Porsche 991 DFI Carrera S 3.8L Plenum

Part Number: 91482-3.8

The new 991 Carrera is arguably one of the sexiest Porsches to come out of Stuttgart in recent years. But like most Carreras, power output is controlled to meet a "performance target" that satisfies the masses and not the dedicated Porsche driving enthusiasts. IPD is here to scratch that proverbial performance itch for those Porsche drivers looking to elevate the already visceral Porsche driving experience to the next level.

The engine in the new 991 remains relatively unchanged from the previous 997.2 Carrera. The 991 Carrera continues to employ the 82mm throttle body just like the Carrera before it. This means there is no "Competition Plenum" available since the 82mm TB is still the largest TB available from Porsche.

Performance gains remain at 15+ horsepower and 14+ foot-pounds at the wheels. As with most IPD Plenums, the bulk of the power gains are realized in the mid-range where they are most used and enjoyed. Unlike other mods, the IPD Plenums deliver net power gains across the entire rev range.

The all-new specifically designed IPD 3.8L DFI Carrera intake Plenum is a direct bolt-on upgrade that replaces the factory air intake distributor and utilizes all pre-existing factory hardware and throttle body.

The improved IPD intake design allows for smoother, less turbulent and more efficient airflow resulting in impressive power and torque gains for Porsche driving enthusiasts.

The superior design of the DFI IPD Plenum provides an additional 15 horsepower at the wheels. Unlike previous naturally aspirated IPD plenums that delivered stronger gains in the mid-range, the new IPD DFI Plenums deliver a similarly shaped power curve as the factory but are considerably stronger from the mid-range to redline without any loses in power down low.

NOTE: All IPD products are designed and manufactured to deliver increased performance for Porsches that are strictly driven on public roadways. All IPD Plenums come with a full 2-year manufacturer’s warranty to the original purchaser that guarantees all IPD product will be free of any manufacturing defects or cause of any issues or problems related to the vehicle’s engine. All IPD Plenum warranties are expressly voided if installed and driven off-road or on race tracks.

$1,753.10 Aud

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