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Suitable for Universal / Number Plate Mount

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  Suitable for Universal / Number Plate Mount


Carbonio Magnetic Rear Plate Mount - Polished Stainless

Part Number: LPM-MAG-CH

Suits North American Number Plates.

A dilemma facing many car (and especially vintage car) owners is how to affix a rear license plate to their cars. In many instances the car has holes for European or other market plates or (more commonly) the car has been freshly restored and the owner does not want to place any holes at all. Carbonio Design has solved this problem by engineering a slim magnetic mount that sticks to the back of the car and allows the plate to be mounted without any holes. The magnets are rubber coated to eliminate the chance of damage and the plate can easily be removed or installed in seconds without the need for tools.


- Easy 5 second on 5 second off installation
- Great for car shows or washing when you want to quickly remove your rear license plate
- Ultra slim design gives no indication that the plate is held on by magnets
Onlookers would be convinced that the plates were screwed on thereby eliminating theft concerns
- Includes stainless steel frame in choice of black powder coat or polished stainless
- Includes all hardware and decorative screw cap covers in black or polished stainless
- Magnets are rubber coated to eliminate chance of paint damage
- Strong magnets have been road tested for thousands of kilometres with no problems reported


- Any vehicle with a steel panel that the magnets can stick to. Please note that the mount will not stick to aluminium or fibreglass surfaces. Also metal surfaces with very large amounts of body filler can affect how well the magnets stick.
If you are not sure of the material on your car please test your desired plate mounting area with a small magnet to ensure a good stick before ordering.


- Magnetic license plate mount (in black or polished stainless)
- Complete photographic installation instructions


$405.01 Aud

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