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Best Exhaust are Capristo's oldest Australian dealer, with a huge amount of experience in their products.

Please see the Australian Capristo Automotive website for all Capristo products in Australia.

CAPRISTO® is an industry forerunner when it comes to the design and production of high-performance exhaust technology. CAPRISTO® Exhaust systems are internationally renowned for numerous reasons, including their premium craftsmanship, sleek appearance, and rich, full sound.

CAPRISTO® has been established for over twenty years when we started producing Ferrari exhaust systems. Since then, we’ve grown into the gold standard for high-performance racers and street drivers.

At CAPRISTO® we dedicate ourselves to offering top-tier exhaust systems that push the boundaries of current technology, and our production centre in Germany uses cutting-edge technology to help us improve our efficiency and quality standards.


CAPRISTO® has been responsible for some of the most exciting developments in the history of high-performance exhaust products. Company founder and current CEO Antonio Capristo holds many international patents for technologies related to the company’s exhaust systems. Each system by CAPRISTO® is produced using 309-grade stainless steel, which is similar to the Inconel utilised in F1 Racing. These products are capable of withstanding temperatures of more than 600˚C, use mandrel-bent tubing, and are welded together by hand for a unique and supremely professional product.

Owners of Sports and Exotic cars around the world acknowledge the sound and performance benefits of using CAPRISTO® products, and the company is on the front lines of the effort make racing responsible again with our series of patented mufflers. These products add torque and greater power to vehicles as well as clarifying and amplifying their sound, providing a comprehensive package of advantages to the drivers who choose them.