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Duerre Tubi Style Group SPA is located in Ubersetto di Fiorano, in the heart of the Italian “Terra dei Motori”. Just around the corner is Ferrari's prestigious Maranello plant. The company was founded by Fausto Lettieri and Enrico Ruini, following years of experience in the Formula One exhaust sector in one of Ruini's companies.Lettieri dreamed of transmuting raw engine noise of locally produced supercars by Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, De Tomaso into music: he proposed of a specialised after market manufacturer who would produce exceptional parts for race application (without homologation).

Tubi Style is involved with various professional race teamsAll Tubi Style exhausts are made with 304-grade stainless steel and are finished with a fully polished surface unless indicated otherwise.

There are now many brands of "premium" sports exhausts available for your performance car, all claiming to offer a quality product, a special sound and improvements in performance. With such a bewildering array of products, you need to know why a Tubi Style exhaust should be the ONLY choice for your performance car.

The truth is that some manufacturers have never even seen the cars for which they develop products. They simply fabricate a stripped-out exhaust by using the original system as a base. Little thought is given to temperature, exhaust flow dynamics and the resultant power considerations. Once fitted, chance determines whether or not the exhaust will give additional performance and produce a nice sound. Luck determines whether it works well with the engine. More worryingly, many manufacturers have inadequate support and backup to replace the system if it malfunctions, let alone support their customers if their poorly-designed product damages the car.

Tubi Style are different. Each exhaust is handmade in a multi-million dollar factory in Modena, Italy (just across the road from some rather well-known sports car manufacturers!). Each exhaust system is thoroughly developed and tested with a level of expertise that is simply not available to other exhaust suppliers. All Tubi exhausts are developed as a result of direct experience in top-line motorsport, going all the way up to 2008 Formula 1 cars. In addition, Tubi Style's development partners are world leading. They are not just small workshops with a dyno, but are manufacturers with thorough and complete experience of each of the cars.

A notable example is that the entire Porsche and Audi Tubi Style line has been co-developed, tested and signed off by Champion Motors, who not only operate the world's largest Porsche and Audi dealerships, but have actively competed with Porsche RS Spiders, 911s and other cars in the America Le Mans Series. These days, they even compete with the Audi R10.

Tubi Style works closely with the most exotic car manufacturersOutside the aftermarket arena, Tubi continue to work with the most exotic car manufactures in the world as Original Equipment (OE) suppliers for both road-going and competition cars. Many supercars wear a Tubi exhaust straight out from the factory (e.g. the Pagani Zonda). Perhaps the greatest endorsement of the brand is how Tubi products are sold globally by the dealer networks of the most prestigious manufacturers themselves.

As a result, your Tubi, be it a sports catalyst, manifold, exhaust or tailpipe, really is developed and manufactured as a result of genuine and ongoing competition experience combined with collaboration with the most demanding OE customers in the world. Your Tubi, specified in titanium, inconel, or standard stainless steel, carries a two year warranty, reduces weight, runs cooler, and was designed to work with your particular engine on your particular car to give power and that unmistakeable Tubi sound!

Finally, with a Tubi Style exhaust, you are safe in the knowledge that you have purchased a product that comes from a global company, a company with total commitment to the customer and most importantly, a company with sufficient resources to ensure that you receive the aftersales support and backup required to protect your performance car, your exhaust system and to help you get that visceral and exciting result you always wanted.


The big adventure began in 1987 in a small workshop in Spezzano di Fiorano (near the famous race track). They produced exhaust systems extending from manifold to tailpipe out of unique individual components, made with fervent attention to performance and aesthetics: our tailpipes are our signature!

Demand soon outstripped the small company and it had to grow to keep pace with ever increasing demand, becoming the present Duerre Tubi Style Group SPA:

in 1993 , the company moved to its present more functional location in Ubersetto. Duerre Tubi Style Group SPA currently boasts a workforce of about 40, whose expertise and skill enable them to meet and exceed their clientele's high expectations.

In 1995 Michele Leo joined the firm. Extraordinary manual skills and intellectual aptitude have earned him the nickname “Master” and enabled him to make essential contributions to Tubi Style's designs.

To promote efficient, precise response to customer's special requirements, in 1997 Tubi Style founded a research and development (R & D) department. Duerre Tubi Style Group SPA creates innovative designs and refines existing models, expanding the horizon of customized exhaust systems and prototyping.


  ISO9001   At Duerre Tubi Style Group SPA quality is a strategic issue. Excellence in design, development, production with cutting-edge materials (derived, in part, from the aeronautics industry), installation and customer care service is obtained since february 2001 with procedures and processes complying with UNI EN ISO 9001, 1994 version.