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Nissan GT-R 2011-2012 Turbo-Back 90mm racing with 120mm tipsNissan GT-R 2011-2012 Turbo-Back 90mm racing with 120mm tips

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday, 02 August, 2018.

Supersprint Nissan GT-R 2011-2012 Turbo-Back 90mm racing with 120mm tips

Part Number: 931211_931232_931202_931513_931533_93153

Sports Turbo-back performance exhaust

Since 2009, Supersprint offers the best performing, perfect sounding, yet most reliable exhaust for the Nissan GT-R.

The engine, in its first version, made 485 Hp; our crew designed and developed a full system, from the turbochargers back, which offered an immediate gain of + 45 Hp.

This was an outstanding performance, yet we at Supersprint in Italy had immediately recognized the enormous potential of this new car, and we had forecast that the Nissan Factory in Japan would further develop it to higher levels.

With each of the performance steps made by the Nissan Factory on the GT-R over the years, Supersprint has updated and refined its original exhaust design, re-developing it to match the upgraded engine power and enhance it even further.

Our original system had been designed with modular, individual components, shaped and sized to accommodate larger diameter sections whenever needed.

The result is, since 2011 the Supersprint exhaust is built with a larger, 90mm main section, a perfect complement to the later-generation 530 Hp GT-R models, including the exclusive Nismo version.

The oversized, Supersprint catless Downpipes, the HJS Motorsport High volume twin cats, provide for a massive increase in exhaust gas flow.

This translates into huge gains in torque throughout the entire rpm range, and also into a substantial improvement in peak hp.

This 90mm exhaust is tuned to offer the best performance gains on stock engines, and with tunes up to 650-680 Hp.

The Supersprint system is made to bolt-on easily, no modification required, as in our long-time tradition.

The overall sound is enhanced greatly, yet there is no droning when cruising and accelerating in the low rpm range, thanks to the specific, proprietary design of the silencer box, with the Y-split, direct path of the inner perforated core.

Made with heat-resistant stainless steel alloy, the Supersprint full exhaust is built to withstand the hard life of Autobahn driving, and the punishment of the Racetrack, too.

This is a true Performance exhaust, made with the hardcore GT-R owners in mind; it sets itself apart from the crowd of the eye-catching, bling-factor bolt-ons, made for the Friday night revving contest at the club.

$10,934.79 Aud

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