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Monday 29 January, 2018

ADF / NZDF Discount

Best Exhaust stands behind Australian and New Zealand uniformed defence personnel. We offer a 15% discount to all current or former serving members of the ADF or NZDF.

This offer is available to personnel in the Royal Australian Navy, Royal Australian Army, Royal Australian Air Force, Royal New Zealand Navy, the New Zealand Army or the Royal New Zealand Air Force who are:

Active personnel currently serving by providing their PM KeyS number, Regiment number or Service Number, and
Ex-serving personnel, including discharged and retired personnel, by providing relevant documentation which shows evidence of having served in the ADF or NZDF, such as military superannuation/pension statement from the Military Super scheme, the DFRDB scheme, the DFRB scheme, or the DFSS scheme (New Zealand) and/or Certificate of Service.

Acive personell can checkout online, providing the number in the notes field, and using voucher code "defence" (without the quotes)

Ex-serving personnel can checkout per the above, and send proof of service to [email protected]

Thankyou for your service.
Monday 26 June, 2017

Press Release - Launch of New Zealand Website

BEST EXHAUST LIMITED (NZ) a wholly owned subsidiary of BEST EXHAUST PTY LTD (AUS), has launched their New Zealand website.

Mike Glew, Best Exhaust's owner, and director announced today that the new website is the first step in providing an easy and cost-effective shopping capability to New Zealand customers. The new website lists products in New Zealand Dollars, fully tax inclusive with shipping to New Zealand addresses included in all prices. This is a marked saving on the cost compared to buying from the Australian website, which although the price included shipping, did not include New Zealand GST.

Sales to delivery addresses in New Zealand from the domain will be redirected to the checkout in an upcoming release of the Australian website. Likewise non New-Zealand delivery addresses will only be handled by the Australian website.

Browse today.

Tuesday 01 November, 2016

Borla Ford Mustang GT Exhaust ADR Noise Test results

Best Exhaust has teamed up with Borla Performance USA to undertake noise testing of the complete Borla Range for the 2015+ Mustang GT.

Although only the EC-Type system passed ADR 83/00, the graph below outlines the loudness of each system when tested per the ADR test, so buyers can make an informed decision. Note these figures are for an otherwise unmodified car, and overall loudness at full throttle will differ significantly from these figures (eg. the 2.5" Spec S system is not the loudest system at full throttle.

Normally, full throttle loudness should be (from quietest to loudest):

S-Type rear
ATAK rear
Touring catback
2.5" S-Type catback
2.5" ATAK catback
3.0" S-Type catback
3.0" ATAK catback

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